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Acid Spitter
Acid Spitter Concept.jpg
Growth Time
Min Max
General ?% ?%
Ice ?% ?%
Acid ?% ?%
Fire ?% ?%
Plasma ?% ?%
Lightning ?% ?%

The Acid Spitter Drake is as its name states a drake type dragon with incapability of flight. Its a reptilian creature with five limbs and vividly coloured fins that appear in various locations of its body, that are used primarily for intimidation and mating dances. Acid Spitter utilizes acid element and its primary ability is an iconic acid spit attack, which will cause armour decay over time. This will lower the target's resistance against other elements and damage until it becomes completely vulnerable.

Acid Spitter Drake was originally supposed to be a pre-release reward for those, who bought the game early; but has been changed into a standalone DLC at later date. At the moment you can only play as Acid Spitter in the closed beta branch.

Special Ability[]

Acid Spitter Drake's special ability is its element "acid decay" effect. When the acid spitter drake uses its ranged acid spitter attack or bites another creature, the acidic saliva begins to decay the armour of the other creature over time. This status effect can be multiplied if more than one acid spitter drakes targets the same creature. Creatures that have low resistance to acid will take more damage and have their armour decayed faster than other creatures with high acid resistance. Once the target's armour goes into zero the target is vulnerable to all types of attacks and takes extra damage.

Current Skins[]

These are the currently known skins for the Acid Spitter Drake. This does not include the black, gray and white skins; and the oreo skin obtainable via nesting.

Image Gallery[]

Official images and screenshots taken by developers and the community.