Acid Spitter
Acid Spitter Concept.jpg
Growth Time
Min Max
General ?% ?%
Ice ?% ?%
Acid ?% ?%
Fire ?% ?%
Plasma ?% ?%
Lightning ?% ?%

The Acid Spitter Drake is a fast, pack-oriented drake, available as a DLC. The Acid Spitter Drake is intended to be a weaker dragon compared to other species, hunting primarily in groups. Despite lacking the ability to fly, it is able to run at incredible speeds, being able to keep up with some fliers. It utilizes the acid element for both ranged and close-quarters attacks.



The drake has vividly colored fins across its body that are used primarily for intimidation and mating displays. Its anatomy is largely based off of canines, both in design and animation. Females of the species will have a slightly toned down colors compared to Males.


Acid Spitter's titular ability is its acid spitting bile attack. This projectile attack has a chance to apply Decay, which damages the enemy's health and scale armor and drains stamina over a short period of time. Destroying scale armor lowers the target's resistances to various attacks.

Acid Spitter's special ability is a "decaying bite." When this ability is activated, the drake will raise its tail and growl, and its mouth will start excreting green, glowing acid. Bile will slowly drain over time while this ability is active. The Decay effect applies each time the Acid Spitter bites its opponent. Multiple bites can apply up to four stacks of Decay.

The Acid Spitter is able to sprint exceedingly fast with its ambush ability. To activate an ambush, the drake has to crouch down, then transition directly into a sprint. Ambush lasts until the player stops sprinting. This has an increased usage on stamina, but is a great way to quickly traverse the world.


All skins can be used in-game by being nested by parents that have them. Kickstarter skins can have a shimmer effect added on top of them. This will change the name of the skin in the information menu, but the skin acts as its non-shimmer counterpart when nesting.

Base Skins

The base skins can be selected when first spawning into the world. Depending on the skin, you may be required to do something to unlock it, get lucky with a random spawn, or posses a DLC key.

Table of Base Skins
Skin Name Skin Appearance Notes
AS Skin Iconic.jpeg
Unlocked by default
Dark Iconic
AS Skin Dark Iconic.jpg
Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Dark Meadow
AS Skin Dark Meadow.jpg
Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Dark Forest
AS Skin Dark Forest.jpg
Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Burnt Sky
AS Skin Burnt Sky.jpg
Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Ginger Piebald
AS Skin Ginger Piebald.jpg
Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Tainted ASD 280921 by MιѕѕJσ~(Sαfı).png
Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
AS Skin Melanistic.jpg
Can be unlocked in-game (exact steps unknown) on a per-server basis.
Also unlocked by supporting the game in its 2019 Kickstarter Campaign
AS Skin Leumelan.jpg
Unlocked by supporting the game in its 2019 Kickstarter Campaign
AS Skin Leucistic.jpg
Unlocked by supporting the game in its 2019 Kickstarter Campaign
AS Skin Crimson.jpg
Unlocked by supporting the game on Patreon

Exotic Skins

Exotic skins are ones that can only be obtained through skin crafting. When parents have two skins that are part of a skin crafting recipe, there is a chance that their offspring will have the mixed skin. It does not matter which parent has which of the two necessary skins.

Table of Exotic Skins
Skin Name Skin Appearance Skins Needed
AS Skin Overo.png
Melanistic + Leucistic
Toxic asd 280921 by SneaKer.png
Iconic + Dark Meadow
AS Skin Bloodborne.png
Leumelan + Crimson
Acid Harvest
AS Skin Acid Harvest.png
Burnt Sky + Ginger Piebald
Muddy Drake
Muddy asd 280921 by SneaKer.png
Burnt Sky + Dark Meadow
Blood Moon
AS Skin Blood Moon.png
Melanistic + Crimson
CharredFoliage [1] Iconic x Overo

Tips & Trivia

  • Acid Spitter was originally supposed to be a pre-release reward, however was changed into a standalone DLC
  • Acid Spitter holds the title for the first drake, the first DLC, and the first dragon to be put into the game
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