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Bulbous Spined Scrab Concept

The Bulbous Spined Scrab is a small insect species that can be found roaming in the Forgotten Forests biome. They can be identified by their round, spiky abdomens, six legs, and small crab-like pincers. The exoskeleton of this small critter is soft around its abdomen, allowing to pulse, whereas its legs and pincers have much more harder exoskeleton that it can use offense or defense.

The Bulbous Spined Scrab's body is a muddy brown to help it camouflage against the dark forest floor. It uses its small pincers to scavenge for food. Its entire body is covered in small spikes, though this is not very effective against larger predators such as dragons.

This AI is most ideal food source for young dragons that cannot hunt much larger prey than themselves. Depending on the player's size, the Bulbous Spined Scrab may choose to either flee from you or attempt to defend itself. When low on health, the AI will run away from you and other players until it has healed.

The Bulbous Spined Scrab is the second custom AI that was announced with the open beta update, the first being the Thornback Crawler.