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The dragon, commonly known as the Western dragon, has two wings and four legs. Each dragon has a specific element, which determines its bile, as well as unique passive and/or active abilities. Dragons are one of the playable species within Day of Dragons.

Dragon Species[]

Image Species Class Element

Acid Spitter Drake

Acid Spitter 3 Acid
Bioluminescent Dragon.jpg
Bioluminescent Dragon 2 Bioluminescence

Blitz Striker

Blitz Striker 4 Lightning
DoD BehemothIceDrake ConceptCompFinal 2560x1440.jpg
Behemoth Ice Drake 8 Frost

Feathered Zygovo Dragon

Feathered Micro Dragon 1 Acid
Behemoth Fire Drake 8 Fire

Flame Stalker

Flame Stalker 5 Fire

Dravern Hybrid

Hybrid Dragon 6 All

Inferno Ravager

Inferno Ravager 5 Fire

FrestFell Wyvern

Ice Wyvern 5 Frost
NurseDragon KS Grey Skin.png
Nurse Dragon 6 None

Shadow Scale

Shadow Scale 4 Plasma

Singe Crest

Singe Crest 3 Plasma