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Fire Elemental Concept

The elementals are huge golem-like creatures that are native to volcanic and unstable Nharogk. However, due to their home's destructive and chaotic nature, elementals occassionally wound up launched into space and falling to planet Jrakhon via strong volcanic eruptions. These alpha class creatures have an ability to mimic elements such as; fire, ice and lightning, and are shown capable of adapting into other planets. Depending on what environment they are found in decide their element that they adapt to. Unlike other creatures, elementals are highly dependant on their element that they passively gather from the nearby surroundings. When they leave this habitat they begin to loose their element and begin to decay over time until they die. This heavily limits the area that an elemental can travel and hunt within. This type of simple needs suggests that elementals wouldn't need to hunt to eat organic lifeforms, but elementals that live in Jrakhon actively hunt dragons of the same element as itself. The cause of this behaviour is yet to be found or explained, however, it has been theorized that the organic matter provides more energy than the non-organic elements that surrounds them. Therefore causing the elementals adapt and hunt specifically dragons since no other creatures use elemental based abilities.

Fire Elemental is currently the only elemental designed for the game. There has been no further information about the two other elementals; ice and lightning verified by the developers at the current stage of development.


The elementals can be unlocked by the player while they play as a dragon thought the exact method is still unknown. Unlocking an elemental grants a single-time use of it similarly to the hybrid dragons. Once unlocked you can spawn into the world of Jrakhon as an elemental and the element that your elemental is based off of depends your spawn location. Upon spawning you are a smaller version of the elemental and over time grow into your maximum size as you stay alive. You are heavily limited to the element that you present as you can only prevent your body from loosing it and decaying over time in certain areas of your environment. As an example; fire elementals are made out of lava and they must bath in lava fields or volcanos in order to sustain themselves, and when they leave their bodies will openly drip lava and they begin to decay as their bodies loose the hot lava that powers them. After dying you will have to unlock the elemental again.

Elementals are a playable species.

Elemental Species

Only elementals who have information on them and are in current development or the game itself; have links to a subpage with more information.