Day of Dragons Wiki

There are currently 2 elements in the game, and 6 planned in total. Dragons, drakes, wyverns and ampitheres utilize these elements in combat and nesting.When an element type ability is used it will drain the player's bile bar, and cannot be used if the bile bar is completely empty or the player doesn't have enough bile to use the ability. Each element has its unique effects that can turn the tide of a battle. Players are recommended to team up with other creatures of different element in order to survive.


Acid element has an armour decay effect that lowers the target's defense over time. This effect will stack, if multiple acid dragons use it on the same target. Within creatures acid is often described as toxic saliva, which can be then used to produce projectile attacks like Acid Spitter Drake's acid spit ability. In the game acid can be recodnized due to its green colour and liquified appearance.


Bioluminescence is a unique element only used by the Bioluminescent Dragons. This element most notably causes these dragons to glow in the dark. However it can also be produced into a spit projectile, which will mark a single target and make them visible to any other surrounding players. While being marked by the spit Shadow Scales cannot use their special ability to go invisible.


Fire element sets the target on fire and causes fire damage over time as long as the target is on fire. Fire based creatures often have a fire breath ability that produces a cone of flame, which will set all targets that come into that area of effect on fire. All creatures with fire element prefer hot biomes such as deserts and volcanic activity in order to nest or harvest for bile. In the game fire produces hot red, orange and yellow flames.


Ice element slows down targets when they are hit with an ice element ability. It is unknown what kind of abilities ice creatures will have.


Lightning element has a possibility of momentarily stun one or multiple targets depending on the creatures' ability. It is unknown what kind of abilities lightning creatures will have.


Plasma element creatures are highly effective long range attackers, who are capable of creating precise shots of plasma for dealing high damage attacks on a single target. Depending on how long the user charges up the plasma shot will determine how strong the attack is. In the game plasma can be recodnized due to its light blue and white colour, and the projectile attacks often look like bright bullets or lazer beams. The drawback is that creatures with plasma elements tend to have less bile due to their very dangerous abilities.