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There are currently 2 elements in the game, and 6 planned in total, other than Bioluminescence. Dragons, drakes, wyverns and amphitheres utilize these elements in combat and nesting. Elementals use elements in combat and need them to survive.

When an element type ability is used, it will drain the player's bile bar. Element type abilities cannot be used if the bile bar is too low or completely empty. Each element has its unique effects that can turn the tide of a battle. Players are recommended to team up with other creatures of different element in order to survive.


The Acid element can be recognized due to its green colour and liquified appearance. It is often present in a dragon's saliva.

Feathered Micro Dragon

The Micro Dragon uses acid to crack open the eggs of other dragons and eat them. Its special ability Preen also allows it to coat its feathers with a layer of its saliva, which protects itself from bile attacks and damage.

Acid Spitter Drake

The Acid Spitter uses acid in both its projectile bile attack and its special ability, Decaying Bite.

Both abilities can cause the Decay debuff. Decay damages the enemy's health and scale armor and drains stamina over a short period of time. Destroying scale armor lowers the target's resistances to various attacks.

  • Projectile Attack: The Acid Spitter can spit a projectile that deals damage and has a chance to apply Decay.
  • Decaying Bite: When this ability is activated, the drake will raise its tail and growl, and its mouth will start excreting green, glowing acid. Bile will slowly drain over time while this ability is active. The Decay effect applies each time the Acid Spitter bites its opponent. Multiple bites can apply up to four stacks of Decay.


Bioluminescence is a unique element only used by the Bio Dragon.

Bioluminescent Dragon

Bile attacks from this element cause other dragons to glow in the dark, marking them as a highly visible target to other players. While being marked by bioluminescence, Shadow Scales cannot use their special ability, Shadow Cloak, to go invisible.


The Fire element ignites a target and causes damage over time until the fire effect runs out. Creatures with fire element prefer hot biomes such as Lava Lands, Desert Dunes, and parts of other maps with high temperatures in order to incubate eggs.

Flame Stalker

The Flame Stalker is able to breathe fire in a medium range.

Inferno Ravager

The Inferno Ravager is able to breathe fire in a medium to short range. It also has bile ducts lined across its body, allowing it to generate a cloak of flame. This flame cloak protects the Inferno Ravager from the "Chilled" status.

Fire Behemoth Dragon

Little is known about this playable species and its relationship with the fire element.

Magma Fire Elemental

Fire Elementals must regularly replenish their bodies with lava in order to survive. Little else is known about this playable species and its relationship with the fire element.


The Frost element slows down targets. Creatures with the frost element prefer colder climates such as that of the Winter Winds.

Ice Wyvern

The Ice Wyvern can coat its scales in freezing frost to inflict the Chilled status, which slows nearby creatures' movement speed. This ability is called Hoarfrost. Hoarfrost protects the Ice Wyvern from the "Burning" status effect.

Behemoth Ice Drake

Little is known about this playable species and its relationship with the frost element.

Glacier Ice Elemental

Little is known about this playable species and its relationship with the frost element.


Lightning element can momentarily stun one or multiple targets, depending on the creature's ability. It is unknown what kind of abilities lightning creatures will have.

Blitz Striker

The Blitz Striker's special ability is an electric pulse that is charged then released, producing a shockwave that stuns all nearby creatures. The stun duration is based on the lightning resistance of the other creatures. The player is not affected by their own ability.

Thunder Storm Elemental

Little is known about this playable species and its relationship with the lightning element.


In the game, the Plasma element can be recognized by its light blue and white colour. Projectile attacks often look like bright bullets or laser beams. This element's drawback is that creatures with plasma elements tend to have less bile due to their very dangerous abilities.

Shadow Scale

Shadow Scales are highly effective long range attackers, capable of creating precise plasma bolts that deal high burst damage on a single target.


No information has been released on this element other than the fact that it exists.