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The Feathered Micro Dragon is a Kickstarter exclusive with an unknown [[Elements|element]]. It is currently the smallest known dragon, and the only dragon that is known to have feathers, although it has been hinted that there will be other feathered dragons.
{{Infobox character
|image = Micro-Feathered Dragon.jpg
|race = Dragon
|element = Acid
|class = Micro
|health = ???
|damage = ???
|fertile = Yes
|growth = 20 mins
|gen-min = ?
|gen-max = ?
|ice-min = ?
|ice-max = ?
|acid-min = ?
|acid-max = ?
|fire-min = ?
|fire-max = ?
|plasma-min = ?
|plasma-max = ?
|lightning-min = ?
|lightning-max = ?
|Size class=1}}
This dragon will feed on abandoned/unguarded eggs, acting as nature's cleanup-crew and is the only threat to the otherwise invulnerable eggs. Female Micro Dragons can eat their own eggs to prevent starvation.
The '''Feathered Micro Dragon''' is the smallest known [[dragons|dragon]] in the game. Its [[Elements|element]] is acid. As its name states, this dragon is covered with feathers and has small, narrow wings. The Micro has a long prehensile tail adapted to work as a fifth limb, which it can use to carry items such as its primary food source, eggs.
The Feathered Micro Dragon was the $500K Kickstarter stretch goal. It can be unlocked per server through completing a task through gameplay, but it can also be obtained via [[Nesting#Exotic Nesting|nesting]] without needing to have it unlocked. Kickstarter backers, along with other Kickstarter stretch goal dragons, will have this dragon unlocked by default.
==Special Ability==
The {{PAGENAME}}'s ability is called '''Preen'''. When this ability is activated, the dragon will groom itself, leaving a thin layer of its saliva on its delicate feathers. This protective coat makes this small dragon temporarily immune to bile attacks and gives it "one-shot" protection. This means that while the ability is active, the Feathered Micro Dragon cannot be instantly killed by a single attack.
== Gameplay ==
The Feathered Micro Dragon's primary food source is the eggs of other dragons. Micros can use their acid spit to melt open the hard shells of dragon eggs. Their presence is both a blessing and a curse to other nesting dragons, as the Micro gives small boost to egg incubation time, but players must be wary of losing eggs to their hunger.
These are the four currently known skins for the {{PAGENAME}}, not counting the [[Black Dragon Skin|black]], [[Gray Dragon Skin|gray]] and [[White Dragon Skin|white]] Kickstarter skins, or the [[Oreo Dragon Skin|overo skin]] obtainable via [[Nesting#Exotic%20Nesting|nesting]].
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