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Flame Stalker
Flame Stalker Skin Concept1.jpg
Growth Time
3 hours and 30 minutes
Min Max
General ?% ?%
Ice ?% ?%
Acid ?% ?%
Fire ?% ?%
Plasma ?% ?%
Lightning ?% ?%

The Flame Stalker (also known as the Fire Dragon from the alpha) is the third largest dragon in the game. Its element is fire. It has a relatively medium build body with a slim tail and wide, narrow wings and spikes running down it’s body and tail with Particularly large ridges of horns frame the edges of its faces . The Flame Stalker can be identified by its resemblance to a common European Dragon: a wondrous and dangerous hunter of the skies that burns its opponents with its destructive fire breath. It is a powerful creature whose capabilities should not be underestimated.

Flame Stalker is one of the three free playable creatures to be released in Genesis 1.0 update along with the Shadow Scale, Inferno Ravager and Fire Elemental. It was the first creature to receive a new custom appearance by Jia Hao for Day of Dragons.

Special Ability[]

The Flame Stalker's special ability is a thermal sense, which allows it to see all warm-blooded creatures within the surrounding area. This includes AI creatures and other dragons, even invisible Shadow Scales. It has been implied that the only drawback of thermal sense ability may be hot environments, which might obscure other creatures' heat signatures.


The Flame Stalker is carnivorous, and therefore it must hunt AI creatures or other dragons for food. Their natural environment the Lava Lands biome. Flame Stalkers are relatively fast and slightly more powerful in terms of damage than the Inferno Ravager. Their primary ability is a fire breath that can ignite other dragons from a medium distance, which will inflict fire damage on the target over time. Flame Stalkers have a natural resistance against fire and do not take as much fire damage from other fire-based creatures. When fighting or hunting other creatures with the fire element, Flame Stalkers rely on melee-based abilities such as the bite attack to inflict damage.

The Flame Stalker's special ability is used to detect other dragon's heat signatures within a nearby radius. It is currently one of the two known ways to counter the Shadow Scale's cloaking ability. Thermal sense can also be used to detect prey in dense vegetation, or to track enemies through dimly lit areas.


All skins can be used in-game by being nested in by parents that have them. Kickstarter and lifetime Patreon skins can have a shimmer effect added on top of them. This will change the name of the skin in the information menu, but the skin acts as its non-shimmer counterpart when nesting.

Base Skins[]

The base skins can be selected when first spawning into the world. Depending on the skin, you may be required to do something to unlock it, get lucky with a random spawn, or posses a DLC key.

Table of Base Skins
Skin Name Skin Appearance Notes
Iconic Flamestalker Iconic 1 Call M.jpg

Flamestalker Iconic Side View M.jpg

Unlocked by default.
Dark Iconic Flame Stalker Dark Iconic.jpg Unlocked by default.
Swamp Geyser Swamp Geyser 1 Call M.jpgSwamp Geyser Side M.png Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection.
Burning Bright Flamestalker Burning Bright 1 Call New.png

Flamestalker Burning BrightSide M New.png

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Hot Springs Flame Stalker Hot Springs 1 Call2.png

Flame Stalker Hot Springs Side M2.png

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection.
Melanistic Flame Stalker Melanistic 1 Call.png

Flame Stalker Melanistic Side F.png

(With the Shimmer effect) Melanistic Shimmer Flame Stalker.jpg

Can be unlocked in-game (by naturally growing nested in iconic dragon without logging off) on a per-server basis. (each server.)

Also unlocked by supporting the game in its 2019 Kickstarter Campaign

Leumelan Flame Stalker Leumelan 1 Call.png

Flame Stalker Leumelan Side F.png

(With the Shimmer effect)

Flamestalker Leumelan KS 1 Running F.jpg

Flamestalker Leumelan KS Side View F.jpg

Unlocked by supporting the game in its 2019 Kickstarter Campaign
Leucistic Fsleuc.png Unlocked by supporting the game in its 2019 Kickstarter Campaign
Crimson Fscrim2.jpgFscrim1.jpg

(With the Shimmer effect)

Flamestalker Crimson LT Run F.jpg

Unlocked by supporting the game on Patreon.

Exotic Skins[]

Exotic skins are ones that can only be obtained through skin crafting. When parents have two skins that are part of a skin crafting recipe, their offspring will have the mixed skin. It does not matter which parent has which of the two necessary skins.

Table of Exotic Skins
Skin Name Skin Appearance


Flamestalker Overo 1 Call M.jpg

Flamestalker Overo Side M.jpg

Melanistic + Leucistic
Lava Flow Flamestalker Lava Flow 1 Call.jpgFslf1.jpg Iconic + Melanistic
I Am Fire Flame Stalker I Am Fire 1 Call2.png

Flame Stalker I Am Fire Side F2.png

Melanistic x Burning Bright
Charred Horn
Melanistic x Lava Flow
Lava Ash Fsleumwings.png


Overo x Leumelan