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The Gray Dragon Skin is an exclusive reward to all Kickstarter backers who paid additional $10 for their selected tier during Day of Dragons Kickstarter campaign. Owners of of the Kickstarter gray skin are capable of selecting this skin from their main menu upon spawning, and it is useable in any playable dragon species. The gray Kickstarter backer skin is currently not avaibable for Elementals. The non-Kickstarter backers can also obtain the exclusive gray skin via nesting if one or both of their parents are the gray Kickstarter backer skinned dragons. There is also a small chance of receiving the skin if the Kickstarter Melanistic Black Dragon Skin breeds with Kickstarter White Dragon Skin, thought mostly you will receive a normal grey skin that is obtainable to all players.

There is currently no information on how this skin will look like in-game, even though there is a placeholder red Patreon skin avaibable for the Acid Spitter Drake that can be used in the beta version of the game.


Below are the dragons with the gray Kickstarter backer skins and how they look in the game:


There are no known mixes using this skin.