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Healer Dragon
Growth Time
Min Max
General ?% ?%
Ice ?% ?%
Acid ?% ?%
Fire ?% ?%
Plasma ?% ?%
Lightning ?% ?%

The Signe Crest (or simply known as Healer Dragon) is a wyvern with an unknown element. It has two legs and two wings that branch out creating a unique looking shape. It is the second fastest dragon within the game just slightly slower than the Bioluminescent Dragon. It has a bright vividly coloured crest on its forehead with four fins on its tail that match the colour of the crest. Its official colours are bright and tropical and comes with variety of different colours. This dragons is greatly loved by the community due to its similarity with James Cameron's movie Avatar from 2009.

Signe Crest was the first revealed Kickstarter stretch goal when Day of Dragons reached $20K during their Kickstarter campaign. It can be unlocked by per server through completeting a task through gameplay, but it can also be obtained via nesting without needing to have it unlocked.

Special Ability[]

Signe Crest has a passive ability that emits pheromones that heals nearby pack and clan members over time. It also heals better and faster if Signe Crest is sitting or resting near the hurt teammates. This ability can stop bleeding which is a status effect caused from piercing and melee attacks.


Being more of a "support class" of the game, Signe Crest does not have much in terms of health and attack. However being a herbivore it can survive on majority of habitats and biomes in the game, and with its special healing ability it makes a good member in any pack of clan. It cannot really fight back any attackers if its caught out alone, but it can outspeed almost everything else in the game.


These are the four currently known skins for the Signe Crest, not counting the black, gray and white skins; and the oreo skin obtainable via nesting.