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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Day of Dragons. While there is little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and tactics; or post suggestions on the talk page.

Basic gameplay[]


Growth Cycle[]

Dragons are the main playable race within the game. You will spawn in as a hatchling and you will grow older and bigger over time. Your primary objective as a player is to survive and grow to adulthood. You must mantain your hunger ,thirst, stamina and health in order to grow effectively. Depending on your dragon's species your diet may vary between carnivore, piscivore, herbivore or nectarivore. The better you are able to sustain your diet with your favoured food and metabolism the faster you will grow. Note that there are two different HUD's avaibable for players: a realistic which will only show your stamina and health if you have taken damage, and an RPG style that shows your four bars in the bottom right of the screen. In the RPG HUD you can indentify the different coloured bars as your hunger (red), health (green), and thirst (blue). The bar in the center of that display is your bile which remains locked until you grow into an adult. Your average growth time depends on your dragon species but the most common growth time is between 1 - 3 hours.

Mutation Points[]

In the left side of your character panel there is a section called mutations and it has three subcategories: breeding, movement and survival. These will be your character-specific features that they do not pass down to your offsprings, but all of these options affect your gameplay in one form or another. As an example adding mutation points into breeding; fertile and dominant, makes it more likely for your good stats and your skin to be passed down to your offspring. The movement; swift and fast will slightly boost how quickly you can make tight turns and gives a bit more speed. Last but not least the survival category; scavenger and survivor, will help you to gain a little bit more food from meat that you would not naturally prefer, as an example a piscivore will gain a little bit more food from corpses.

During your entire playtrough you will only obtain 3 mutation points; you will receive 1 mutation point when you reach juvenile stage, another mutation point when you become adult and the final mutation point when you unlock and become an alpha dragon. You cannot remove or reset your mutation points once you have saved them onto your character so make sure to choose wisely!

Adult Dragon[]

When you finally grow to an adult dragon you unlock your elemental abilities and you are mature to start nesting. Beware thought you can only use your element based abilities while you have enough bile. If your bile bar runs out, you will no longer be able to use your elemental abilities! So make always sure to have your bile bar high in case of sudden attack. Even without elemental abilities you will still have various forms of close combat abilities such as bite and tail whip attacks, to keep opponents off of your front and back. It will also useful to memorize and use your dragon's stats and special abilities creatively as these may save your dragon's life from near death situtations. However, even if you grow into an adult dragon always remember that there is always a bigger predator within the world like alpha dragons, Sandslayer Worms and Elementals, who would gladly eat your dragon for a quick breakfast.

Becoming an Alpha[]

This feature is currently unavailable, and as such details may change.

You can also grow further to become an Alpha Dragon thought unlocking this end game achievement is a mystery. You will not passively grow into an alpha like you grow from a hatchling into an adult overtime. Currently, specific steps are unknown, but check back here in the future (Alpha stage won't be accessible until Early Access). You can also search on the specific page for the dragon, wyvern, or drake that you play as.


This feature is currently unavailable, and as such details may change.

As an elemental, your only food source are the dragons. You must find them and hunt them down if you wish to survive. More is not known at this time.

Unlock process for the elementals is not known at this time.


Default Key Bindings[]

Ground Controls[]

W,S,A,D = Forward, Back, Right, Left

Right Click + S,A,D = Back, Turn Right, Turn Left

Space = Jump

E = Hatch

E (Hold) = Eat/Drink

R = Rest

X = Slow walk

C = Crouch

Shift = Run

RMB + E = Pick up hatchling dragons in your group

Flight Controls[]

F = Fly

W,A,D = Fly Forward, Fly Right, Fly Left

Shift = Speed Up

Space = Gain Altitude

Hold Right Click = Free Cam

Alt = Dive/Lower

Z = Land

Combat Controls[]

V = Special Ability

RMB + LMB = Breath Attack (elemental)

LMB = Bite


General Commands[]

  • /die - kills yourself (usable only a few times before cooldown is applied)
  • /gender - Check your gender
  • /growth - Check your growth
  • /location - Get your current location
  • /pid - Get your personal PID (Player Identification Digit)
  • /stuck - Get unstuck

Group Commands[]

  • /group - Create a group
  • /disband - Disband group
  • /invite (PID) - Invite a specific player to your group
  • /transfer (PID)- Transfer leadership over a group to a player
  • /leave - Leave group
  • /list - Check PID's of group members
  • /kick (PID) - Kick a group member (Leaders only)

Admin Commands[]

  • /showtags - Shows Player ID's
  • /hidetags - Hides PID's
  • /adult (PID) - Grows player to full adult
  • /grow (PID) - Unknown
  • /growself - Unknown
  • /heal (PID) - Fills players health/bile/food/water bars
  • /healself - Fills your health/bile/food/water bars
  • /hero - Makes you immune to damage
  • /port (PID) - Teleports a player to you
  • /goto (PID) - Teleports you to a player
  • /kill (PID) - Kills a player
  • /killself - Kills yourself
  • /boot - Kicks a player from the server
  • /ban (PID) - Kicks a player and blocks from re-joining until server restart
  • /unban (PID) - Unbans a player without a server restart

Tips and tricks[]

  • Sleep to grow faster, if you grow fast enough you can kill a leech without problems, just hope you don't run out of food by the time you're big enough, have a friend that can stay on for at least a bit to kill a few leeches for you maybe until you grow.