Day of Dragons Wiki

This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Day of Dragons. Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and tactics; or post suggestions on the talk page.

Basic Gameplay[]


There are two types of main HUD: Realistic, which will only show your stamina and a red outline around your screen when your health is low; and an RPG HUD that will show your health, armor, and bile in the bottom right hand corner, as well as any status effects on you. You can access additional information by opening the Info screen.

Info screen[]

The info screen is made up of multiple sub-screens, providing you detailed information on your dragon and position.

At the top of the screen you will see a compass. If you have any waypoints set, they will appear as orange markers on that compass. Top left will hold your Biology screen, with basic information about your dragon. Next to the Biology screen is the Habitat skin, informing you about your current placement in the world, and your dragon's fittingness to said place. Below those screens you will see the Mutations tab, in which you can spend mutation points to upgrade your dragon to suit your playstyle. In the center, you will find the Armor screen, which has detailed information about all the resistances your dragon can have. Below that, you will see the Vitals screen, which has exact information on your current state of the dragon. Top right is your Heritage, only applicable if you are spawned by nesting. In the bottom right you can see the large genetics tab, providing you detailed information on all of your stats. Meaning of all the genetic stats is explained in Nesting.

Nesting screen[]

When nesting other dragons in, you will be greeted with a nesting screen. It lets you know about the stats of the parents, and whether or not eggs are available to be taken by group members.


Growth Cycle[]

Dragons are the main playable race within the game. You will spawn in as a hatchling and you will grow older and bigger over time. Your first objective as a player is to survive and grow to adulthood. You must maintain your hunger and thirst as you try and not get killed by the dangers of the world.

As a hatchling, you are able to drink of both from large bodies of water: rivers, ponds, lakes; as well as smaller puddles sprinkled throughout the world. As you grow to Juvenile, you will be limited only to the former.

Depending on your species, you may need different food source to satisfy your hunger. You can eat the following:

  • Mushrooms - Red mushrooms can cause poison but it will go away if you sleep. The younger the dragon, the more hunger they can get from a single shroom. Other types of mushrooms will not drain your thirst, but they can poison you if you eat the wrong kind (depends on your element)
  • AI - Throughout the world there will be small dirt mounds. If no players are near, they will spawn 4 Thornback Crawlers that can be hunted down and eaten. Eating a Thornback will give the sickness effect to the player, which will disappear over time. If the effect reaches 100%, the player will start taking damage. Sickness will slowly lower over time, but it can be sped up by lying down.
  • Dragons - On PvP servers (or for PvE servers where two players enabled PvP to fight), you can kill other players and eat their corpses. While it is not recommended to attempt fights before hitting Juvenile, any dragon can damage any other dragon no matter the size. When the dragon is dead, it can be eaten from, and its corpse can be carried around if your dragon is larger enough.


After hitting Juvenile, you will be able to use your bile ability, and fly. While hatchlings can glide when dropped from high up, a juvenile can gain altitude on its own. At first, they will need a small cliff to gain enough speed to fly, however not before long they will grow enough to be able to take off from flat ground.


When you finally grow to an adult dragon you unlock the ability to nest with other adult dragons. However, even as an adult dragon always remember that there is always a bigger predator, so your next goal is to get to the Elder stage. You will not grow into this naturally, and instead will need to figure out the path forward. You can gauge if you have any growth towards Elder in the same way you would check your growth in previous growth stages. Click on the spoiler below to show how to unlock Elder.


In order to unlock Elder, you will need to consume an item known as Elder Shrooms. They have a different appearance to normal shrooms, and can be found in set locations sprinkled throughout the world. The exact number of shrooms required depends on your species, as does the type of mushroom you need to eat.


As an Elder you will receive an Alpha Buff to your Class, increasing it by one point. You will be larger than your other dragons, have different sounds and will be generally stronger. Currently, this is as far as end-game content goes, but there are plans to add bosses such as the Sandslayer Worm as further goals down the line.

Mutation Points[]

In the left side of your character panel there is a section called mutations and it has three subcategories: breeding, movement and survival. These will be your character-specific skills. They will not be passed down through Nesting, but all of these options affect your gameplay in one form or another:

  • Breeding
    • Fertile - 1 minute less of egg gestation, +1% of Exotic Skin chance, and melee buff.
    • Dominant - Much more likely to pass down your genes vs your mate
  • Movement
    • Agile - Faster bank speed, faster stamina regeneration
    • Fast - 10% faster movement speed, lower water and stamina drain.
  • Survival
    • Scavenger - Increased resistances. Better: healing, food gain, water gain. Decreased thirst and hunger.
    • Survivor - Exact effect unknown, presumably a stronger effect of Scavenger.

There is a total of 7 Mutation Points available. You will get one point for completing each growth stage, and the remaining four can be obtained by doing a biome-specific quest. As currently there is only one biome available, the maximum obtainable points is 4. You can click on the button below to reveal the Biome quests

Biome Quests


This feature is currently unavailable, and as such details may change.

Through an unknown process, you will be able to unlock the ability to spawn in as an elementals. Elementals are incapable of nesting, meaning the only way for them to upgrade their stats is via killing and consuming dragons.


Default Key Bindings[]

Ground Controls[]

W,S,A,D = Forward, Back, Right, Left

Alt + Mouse movement = Rotate your dragon in place

Alt + S = Walk backwards

Space = Jump

E = Hatch/Pick up hatchlings

E (Hold) = Eat/Drink

Right Click + E = Pick up corpses

R = Toggle between sitting and sanding

Hold R = (when standing/sitting) Lie down | (When lying down) Sleep

Hold Shift + R = Sleep

X = Slow walk

C = Crouch

Shift = Run

Flight Controls[]

F = Toggle fly (Need sufficient speed while mid-air)

S,W = Nose up/down

A,D = Tilt left/right

Shift = Speed Up

Space = Slow down

Hold Right Click = Free Cam

Combat Controls[]

Q = Special Ability

RMB + LMB = Breath Attack

LMB = Bite


General Commands[]

  • /@ {announcement} - Sends an announcement to the entire clan (requires being clan officer)
  • /anyadmin - Shows how many admins are online
  • /c {message} - Sends message in clan chat (requires being in a clan)
  • /g {message} - Sends message in group chat (requires being in a group)
  • /help - Lists commands
  • /l {message} - Sends message in local chat
  • /online - Marks you as online
  • /offline - Marks you as offline
  • /ping - Displays your ping
  • /players - Shows how many players are online
  • /pvp - Enables PvP on PvE server (toggle)
  • /stuck - attempts to teleport you to a safe location nearby
  • /server - Displays name of the server
  • /version - Shows game version

Admin Commands[]

  • /super - makes you immune to damage (toggle)
  • /spectate - puts you in spectator mode
  • /admin - Brings up the admin panel
  • /spawnai - Respawns all AI
  • /tags - Shows tags

Tips and tricks[]

  • You can animation-cancel the getting up animation by forcing your dragon into a sprint. This can allow for quicker refreshment of stamina, or getting away from predators.