The Leumelan Skin (also known as the Grey Dragon Skin) is an exclusive skin colour reward to all Kickstarter backers who paid an additional $10 for their selected tier during the Day of Dragons Kickstarter campaign.

Owners of the leumelan skin are capable of selecting this skin from their main menu upon spawning, and it is useable in any playable dragon species. Non-Kickstarter backers can also obtain the exclusive gray skin via nesting if one or both of their parents are that skin. However, only owners of the leumelan skin can apply shimmer to it.



The Leumelan backer skin is also used in nesting to create exclusive skins, which can be combined together with another skin to create new skins.

Acid Spitter Drake:

  • Bloodborne (Leumelan x Crimson)

Shadow Scale:

  • Constellation (Leumelan x Iconic)
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