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A family of nesting Acid Spitter Drakes.

Nesting is the feature in Day of Dragons that allows players to invite other players into their nests to become their hatchlings. In order to nest, two fertile adult dragons of the same species, a male and a female, are required.

Nesting can allow players a chance at obtaining any skin colour, even if they do not otherwise own it. An example of this is the ability to be nested in as the Leucistic (white) skin, even if you cannot spawn from the menu as one. However, you cannot obtain the shimmer effect via nesting. Only Kickstarter backers who own the corresponding skin can apply the shimmer effect.

Nesting is currently the only way to create crafted, exotic skins. An example of an exotic skin is the Overo Skin, which requires a Melanistic and Leucistic dragon as each parent.

Hybrid Dragons and Elementals are infertile species and cannot breed.

How To Breed[]

An example of the biology category. The dragon in this image is immature and cannot nest.

You can use your character panel in-game to see if you are ready to nest under the Biology category on the left.

Immature means that you are too young to breed. Mature means that you are ready to breed. Nesting means that you have currently placed down a nest. Infertile means that you cannot breed at all regardless of your dragon's age.

When two dragons of the opposite species are mature and ready to breed, they must be in the same group and/or clan. If you attempt to breed with another player who is not in the same group or clan as you, they will not receive your request to breed.

The male dragon must hold right click to aim at the female and press 5 to perform a mating dance. (The Courting emote is usually assigned to key 5 and can be configured in the controls.) After the male initiates, the female must aim at the male and Court back. The game will confirm if the mating was successful.

After the two have accepted and become mates, the female can create a nest. The male must be close by to set down a nest. Nests can only be placed on relatively flat ground. They cannot currently be placed on unusual terrain such as rocks.

Currently, once a female creates a nest, it must lay down on the nest to lay and incubate eggs. Sitting, standing, or sleeping on the nest will not create eggs. If the female has points in the Fertility skill tree, it will be able to generate eggs faster. Two points will allow it to choose the gender of its eggs. If the male has points in the Fertility, it can breed with one more female per skill point simultaneously.

Species will be able to generate different amounts of eggs per nest. For example, Acid Spitters can lay 5 eggs per nest, and Shadow Scales can lay 3. Once all the eggs of a nest have hatched, the nest will disappear shortly afterwards, and both parents will have to court each other to create a new nest. Nests can also be broken by the mother at any time.

In the future, incubation will rely on climate and incubation via bile usage on the eggs. Egg stats can be affected by the Nurse Dragon, which can also choose the skin and gender of the offspring. The nearby presence of the Micro Feathered Dragons will also speed up the incubation process, but be careful and guard your eggs as they are Micros' favorite food.

Dragon Stats[]

Player's character stats are randomly generated upon spawn, but these can be perfected through breeding and nesting. Player stats are randomized between "E" and "A-."

"E" stats give a 0% boost to a stat. This goes up by 1% for every increment, up until "A-" which gives a 10% boost. "A++" stats give a 15% boost to a stat.

Bloodline Quality[]

Bloodline quality is always "E" on freshly spawned dragons. Bloodline quality can be raised by breeding two dragons of the same stat together. For example, two "E" stat dragons will produce a "D," and two "C" stat dragons will produce a "B." The maximum possible bloodline quality is A.

If two dragons with different bloodline qualities breed, the bloodline quality will not rise. Any hatchlings born will have the bloodline quality of one of the parents.

Bloodline quality influences the speed at which dragons heal from bleed and status effects.


If two players that are related breed, the resulting hatchlings will have "F" in bloodline quality and all stats, which means a 5% penalty to every stat. Players count as related if they share at least one parent, if they are the mother/father of their partner, or if they are a child of their partner.

It is heavily encouraged to keep track of you and your partner's lineages to avoid accidental inbreeding.

Exclusive Skins[]

There are a small number of skins players can or could have obtained by supporting the game development. Currently, there are six known exclusive skins. Four of them were exclusively given out during the Day of Dragons Kickstarter Campaign, one was available during preorders, and one can still be received via supporting the game on the Day of Dragons Patreon. All of these skins are available to non-Kickstarters via nesting, except for the Elementals, which cannot reproduce.

Exclusive skins can be used to craft Exotic skins, explained in the next category.

Although all players can access Kickstarter skins, only Kickstarters can activate the shimmer effect on their dragons. Shimmer is an iridescent overlay that can be applied to any dragon. Below are all currently known exclusive skins, their names and where they originate from:

Appearance: Skin Name: Obtained from:
AcidSpitterDrake BlackKS Skin.png Black Melanistic Skin Kickstarter campaign; this skin was the first stretch goal for the campaign and was awarded to all Kickstarter backers.
Shimmer Effect.jpg Gray Skin Kickstarter campaign; this skin was rewarded to all backers who paid an additional $10 for their selected tier.
White Leucistic KS Skin- Acid Spitter Drake.png White Leucistic Skin Kickstarter campaign; this skin was rewarded to 1,000 Kickstarter backers who pledged for tiers including the "White Dragon." These tiers were $100 or higher.
- not revealed yet- Dark Elemental Skin Kickstarter campaign; this skin was rewarded to 1,000 Kickstarter backers who pledged for tiers including the "Dark Elemental." These tiers were $100 or higher.
- not revealed yet- Light Elemental Skin A limited DLC that was obtainable via preorder. This DLC was also awarded to all Kickstarter backers for free.
AcidSpitterDrake Red Patreon Skin.png Red Patreon Skin This skin is limited to the Day of Dragons Patreon under the $15 "Dragon" tier. Only one payment of $15 is required to obtain the skin.

Exotic Skins[]

While offspring normally inherit the skin from one of their parents, there are rare cases during breeding where a skin mutation may occur. These craftable skins are also referred to as Exotic Skins. These skins require specific skin combinations. Below we have listed all currently known exotic skin combinations and how to make them:

(The following charts are very incomplete.)

Appearance: Skin Name: Required Combination:
Oreo Skin.png Oreo Skin Black Melanistic + White Leucistic
Broken Nebula- orange body, green wings, red lips, red/orange spikes. Unknown.


  • Hybrid Dragon is the only dragon to not be able to nest, due to it being an infertile hybrid between a wyvern and a dragon.
  • Elementals cannot reproduce because of their more complex biology and due to their altered genetics after arriving to Jrakhon.
  • With exception to the two races and species above, you can be nested in as any dragon species and with any skin.