Nurse Dragon
NurseDragon Concept.jpg
Growth Time
Min Max
General ?% ?%
Ice ?% ?%
Acid ?% ?%
Fire ?% ?%
Plasma ?% ?%
Lightning ?% ?%

The Nurse Dragon also called Helga and is the second largest dragon. It is unknown whether or not this dragon will have a specific element, but it is known that this dragon will possess the ability to mimic other dragons' elements, which allows the Nurse Dragon to incubate eggs of any dragon species. The Nurse Dragon is a large reptilian creature with four legs and two very large, wide wings. Its signature feature is the large horn on its forehead, somewhat resembling the horn of a rhino. Its back and tail are covered in numerous spikes, with notably larger spikes in the tail tip. Its official skin consists of earthy colours that help it camouflage and hide nests from potential predators.

Nurse Dragon was the $40K Kickstarter stretch goal. It can be unlocked by per server through completing a task through gameplay, but it can also be obtained via nesting without needing to have it unlocked. Like other Kickstarter stretch goal dragons, Kickstarter backers have this dragon unlocked by default.

Special Ability

Nurse Dragon is a unique dragon compared to all other species, as it is not tied to any known element. It has the ability to mimic different elements, allowing it to nurse other dragon's eggs.

This dragon will be able to manipulate the embryos of another dragon's nest, allowing it to choose the gender and inherited skin of the egg. It is also able to increase one stat by up to 2%, limited by the cap for each specific stat in the incubating egg. These abilities make the Nurse Dragon incredibly useful during the nesting process. (More to be revealed.)


Nurse Dragon is the only purely herbivorous dragon in the game aside from the Bioluminescent Dragon, which makes it a little bit easier to grow depending on what biome you spawn in. It is a support class creature that assists in nesting and due to its ability to mimic elements.

Though it may not be able to use breath attacks, it is heavily armored and will likely boast powerful melee attacks. (Unconfirmed)

Current Skins

These are the currently known skins for the Nurse Dragon. not counting the black, gray and white Kickstarter skins, or the overo skin obtainable via nesting.
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