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All the locations below are marked on this graph (allowing for seeing how they are located in relation to one another)

The Sand Dunes is an expansive desert biome, featuring occasional green oasis, growing around small lakes.

Notable locations[]

  • Single Pond - Portal pond is one of three Oasis', located in the south-western part of the biome.
  • Double Pond - One of three Oasis', being made up of two ponds separated by a thin slice of land. It is located in the southern part of the map
  • Triple Pond - One of three Oasis', with three separate ponds, located in the eastern part of the map
  • Graveyard - A scene of a great battle, featuring a dead Alpha Dragon, and an elemental. Can be found in the far North-West of the map.
  • Secret Pond - Near the graveyard, there is an additional "secret" pond location. Useful for refilling on water before going back to the rest of the desert
  • Food Locations - Sprinkled throughout the map there are dead corpses of large creatures. Walking through them will fill your hunger immediately. [TEMPORARY FEATURE]
  • Sandslayer Worm - nicknamed "Pookie", roams the desert. Its AI is temporarily disabled in the current version