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Shadow Scale
Plasma Dragon Concept
Growth Time
Min Max
General ?% ?%
Ice 4.9% 24.9%
Acid 0% 15%
Fire 40% 60%
Plasma 74.9% 94.9%
Lightning 70% 90%

Appearance[ | ]

Shadow Scales are known for their thin and aerodynamic form, bearing notable resemblance to the Night or Light Fury from HTTYD. Most Shadow Scales are colored like the night sky, ranging from blue to black from the default to random skins.

Their heads are relatively flat on the tops and bottoms, with small pointy spike-like protrusions on the sides and a row of small bumps in the center of the head. Shadow Scales notably lack horns of any kind. Their body is similar, having four rows of spines lining the backside all the way to the tail. Their tail has fins on both the very end and along the sides to provide better control in flight and quieter flight, adding to them being ambush predators.

Gameplay[ | ]

The Shadow Scale is able to fire plasma bolts, dealing high damage to distant targets but use.

oundings. This is known as the Shadow Cloak. When activated, it has a shimmery effect. Crouching and standing still for a time will render the dragon invisible.

Due to being nocturnal animals, the Shadow Scale has the best night vision out of all dragons.

Shadow Scales can lay a maximum of 3 eggs per nest.

Skins[ | ]

The base skins can be selected when first spawning into the world. Depending on the skin, you may be required to do something to unlock it, get lucky with a random spawn, or possess a DLC key.

Table of Base Skins
Skin Name Skin Appearance Notes
Iconic SS Skin Iconic

Iconic Side F

Unlocked by default
Galaxy SS Skin Galaxy

Galaxy 1 Call Front F

Unlocked by default.
Wild galaxy SS Skin Wild Galaxy

Wild Galaxy Side F

Unlocked by default.
Wormhole SS Skin Wormhole

Wormhole 1 Call Top Down F

Wormhole Side F

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Night Sky SS Skin Night Sky

Night Sky Side F

Unlocked by default.
Forest Moon SS Skin Forest Moon

Forest Moon Side F

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection.
Forest Sky ForestSky SS 280921 2 by LadyLabby

ForestSky SS 280921 3 by LadyLabby

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection.
20220117184431 1
20220117184421 1
Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection.
Melanistic SS Skin Melanistic

(With the Shimmer effect)

Melanistic Shim 1 Call

Can be unlocked in-game (by naturally growing nested in iconic dragon without logging off) on a per-server basis. (each server.)<br
Leumelan SS Skin Leumelan

(With the Shimmer effect)

Grey Skin Shimmer Flight

Unlocked by supporting the 2019 Kickstarter Campaign.
Leucistic SS Skin Leucistic

(With the Shimmer effect)

White Skin Shim fliying

Unlocked by supporting the 2019 Kickstarter Campaign
Crimson SS Skin Crimson

Updated 2023 Crimson Skin

Crimson SS (February 2023 Patch)

Unlocked by supporting the game on Patreon.

Exotic Skins[ | ]

Exotic skins are ones that can only be obtained through skin crafting. When parents have two skins that are part of a skin crafting recipe, there is a chance that their offspring will have the mixed skin. It doesn't matter which parent has the necessary skin.

Table of Exotic Skins
Skin Name Skin Appearance Skins Needed
Overo SS Skin OveroSS Skin Overo Underside Melanistic + Leucistic
Broken Nebula SS Skin Broken Nebula

Broken Nebula Side F

Forest Moon + Crimson
Starlight SS Skin StarlightSS Skin Starlight Underside Iconic + Melanistic
Constellation SS Skin Constellation

Constellation Side F

Leumelan + Iconic
Aurora SS Skin Aurora

Aurora Side View F

Leucistic + Galaxy
Northern Lights SS Skin Northern Lights

Northern Lights Side F

Galaxy + Forest Moon
Painted Sky PaintedSky SS 280921 by Blanket

PaintedSky SS 280921 by Kayshira

Overo + Forest Moon OR Forest Sky
Painted Light Painted Sky Top Down BroadcastPainted Light Side View Iconic + Leucistic
Firefly Cheese 2Cheese 1 Golden + Golden
Obsidian Gold
OG SS flying
OG SS standing
Golden + Melanistic Obsidian Gold + Melanistic Golden Fire *Need Photos Golden + Leucistic Golden Fire + Luecistic
Golden Fire Golden + Leucistic

Tips & Trivia[ | ]