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Shadow Scale
Plasma Dragon Concept.jpg
Growth Time
Min Max
General ?% ?%
Ice ?% ?%
Acid ?% ?%
Fire ?% ?%
Plasma ?% ?%
Lightning ?% ?%

The Shadow Scale is one of the base dragons available in the game. It has an average speed on land and is quite clumsy in water, but it currently has the fastest flight in the game. Its low health and high attack damage make it a glass cannon, acting better as a scout and ambush predator than a head-on fighter. It utilizes the plasma element to fuel its long-range attacks.



The Shadow Scale is based off of multiple animals. Its body is based off of a black jaguar, its wings are loosely based off of a sparrow, its head is based off of the red-eyed alligator skink, and its skins are based off of chameleon and cuttlefish. The Shadow Scale has a small and agile body with large wings, allowing for quick getaways if necessary.


The Shadow Scale is able to fire plasma bolts, dealing high damage to distant targets but using up bile in the process. It is also able to use a charged plasma attack which does more damage, though it takes a bit longer to use.

Shadow Scale's special ability allows it to camouflage itself with its surroundings. This Shadow Cloak does not turn the user completely invisible at first, but turns them transparent with a shimmery effect. Crouching and standing still for a time will render the user completely invisible. Cloaking will use stamina unless the player is crouching.

Due to being nocturnal animals, the Shadow Scale has slightly better night vision than other dragons.


All skins can be used in-game by being nested in by parents that have them. Kickstarter and lifetime Patreon skins can have a shimmer effect added on top of them. This will change the name of the skin in the information menu, but the skin acts as its non-shimmer counterpart when nesting.

Base Skins[]

The base skins can be selected when first spawning into the world. Depending on the skin, you may be required to do something to unlock it, get lucky with a random spawn, or posses a DLC key.

Table of Base Skins
Skin Name Skin Appearance Notes
Iconic SS Skin Iconic.jpg

Iconic Side F.jpg

Unlocked by default
Galaxy SS Skin Galaxy.jpg

Galaxy 1 Call Front F.jpg

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Wild galaxy SS Skin Wild Galaxy.jpg

Wild Galaxy Side F.jpg

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Wormhole SS Skin Wormhole.jpg

Wormhole 1 Call Top Down F.jpg

Wormhole Side F.jpg

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Night Sky SS Skin Night Sky.jpg

Night Sky Side F.jpg

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Forest Moon SS Skin Forest Moon.jpg

Forest Moon Side F.jpg

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Forest Sky ForestSky SS 280921 2 by LadyLabby.png

ForestSky SS 280921 3 by LadyLabby.png

Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Obtainable by selecting "Random" in skin selection
Melanistic SS Skin Melanistic.jpg

(With the Shimmer effect)

Melanistic Shim 1 Call .jpg

Can be unlocked in-game (by naturally growing nested in iconic dragon without logging off) on a per-server basis. (each server.)
Also unlocked by supporting the game in its 2019 Kickstarter Campaign
Leumelan SS Skin Leumelan.jpg

(With the Shimmer effect)

Grey Skin Shimmer Flight.jpg

Unlocked by supporting the game in its 2019 Kickstarter Campaign
Leucistic SS Skin Leucistic.jpg

(With the Shimmer effect)

White Skin Shim fliying.jpg

Unlocked by supporting the game in its 2019 Kickstarter Campaign
Crimson SS Skin Crimson.jpg

(With the Shimmer effect)

Crimson Shimmer Glide.jpg

Unlocked by supporting the game on Patreon

Exotic Skins[]

Exotic skins are ones that can only be obtained through skin crafting. When parents have two skins that are part of a skin crafting recipe, there is a chance that their offspring will have the mixed skin. It does not matter which parent has which of the two necessary skins.

Table of Exotic Skins
Skin Name Skin Appearance Skins Needed
Overo SS Skin Overo.jpgSS Skin Overo Underside.jpg Melanistic + Leucistic
Broken Nebula SS Skin Broken Nebula.jpg

Broken Nebula Side F.jpg

Forest Moon + Crimson
Starlight SS Skin Starlight.jpgSS Skin Starlight Underside.jpg Iconic + Melanistic
Constellation SS Skin Constellation.jpg

Constellation Side F.jpg

Leumelan + Iconic
Aurora SS Skin Aurora.jpg

Aurora Side View F.jpg

Leucistic + Galaxy
Northern Lights SS Skin Northern Lights.jpg

Northern Lights Side F.jpg

Galaxy + Forest Moon
Painted Sky PaintedSky SS 280921 by Blanket.jpg

PaintedSky SS 280921 by Kayshira.png

Overo + Forest Moon
Painted Light Painted Sky Top Down Broadcast.jpgPainted Light Side View.jpg Iconic + Leucistic

Tips & Trivia[]

  • Shadowscale is the first dragon to be implemented into the game.
  • Shadowscale's first design included a pair of long flowy ears, which were scrapped during development
  • Shadowscale is based on the Nightfury dragons from How to Train Your Dragon