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Flame Stalker's Iconic Skin

Flame Stalker's Iconic Skin

There is a limited form of character customization within the game, which allows you to change your playable creature's colouration and patterns to an extent. When entering the server you are introduced to a a small menu with selectable creatures that you can play as, this also includes the DLCs that you may or may not already own. Under the creature's basic information there are a three set of arrows that allow you to customize your character. The character's skin is one of them. There are three options that you can choose from: the iconic skin also known as the default skin or a random skin. Note that Kickstarter and Patreon supporters have more options avaibable in the beginning of the game. There are ways to unlock new skins such as quests and crafting, however, there has been not given much information given to this from the developers at this time. The most easiest way to obtain a specific skin or gender is trough breeding and nesting with other players.

Most of the species are limited to colour palette that suits best their natural habitat, as an example Ice Wyvern's coloration mostly consists of different shades of blues and whites. There are other coloration and marking options for the creatures as well, which may or may not suit with the common colour scheme and patterns that are better known as rare skins. Rare skins are often colours that are opposite of the natural coloration or they may have patterns and markings that would not offer the same camoflaudge as the common skins. As an example one of the rare skins for Acid Spitter Drake is a ginger piebald skin that is a brown and green skin with white overo markings all over it. Within the natural forest and redwood forest environt it would not blend into its surrounding environment.

Skin Types[]

There are currently four different types of skins; common skins, rare skins, exclusive skins and exotic skins. Common skins are colours and patterns that you may find and spawn very often, and as mentioned before they are often the skins that help you camoflaudge into your dragon species' natural habitat. Rare skins are more uncommon skins that will have colours and patterns that may make you look out of place, which gives the player a little bit of a challenge to survive as one. There are also exclusive skins that are Kickstarter backer; white, gray, and black and Patreon supporter; red specific but they an also be obtained via breeding. The easiest way to recodnize a Kickstarter or Patreon supporter is trough a shimmer or an iridescence effect. Last but not least then there are the exotic skins that are only obtainable via nesting, which there is a proper explanation and guide on what are exotic skins and how you can obtain them in the game. Below there are couple examples of each skin type in the game:

Old Placeholder Skins[]

Placeholder skins

Non-Kickstarter and Patreon supporter skins.

In the early tech demo and alpha versions of the game the dragons used to have a decent variety of differnet coloured skins. Thought while these skins lacked marking patterns they were widely enjoyed by the community, and many of the colours had the new custom skins created today. The older skins had a bit more versatile rarity system with majority of the skins quite easily obtainable trough continious respawning. Tthe old Inferno Ravager's placeholder also had randomized horn design feature, which the horns were completely randomized and dependant on the player's gender; female wyverns had short horns while the males had long and much more decorative horns. However, this horn changing feature has not been continued or developed into the new custom models of the dragons.