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  • 16:45, 9 August 2022Elder (hist | edit) ‎[1,306 bytes]Killerco1 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "NOTE: The Elder system will be changed in the 1.0 update. We do not know if the shrooms will stay or leave, This page is for update 1.M.3.0 Elder is a growth stage. The growth stages are Baby>Juvi>Adult>Elder (There is "technically" an ancient stage but that's for NPC's only), to reach Elder growth you must eat shrooms for your specific species, a Elder shrooms gives 1 tick of Elder progress, every tick gives 1-3% elder growth, every 12h you will receive one free elder...")
  • 16:16, 9 August 2022Behemoth Fire Drake (hist | edit) ‎[1,353 bytes]Killerco1 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "The Fire Behemoth Drake is Similiar to the Ice Behemoth Drake, it will be a massive Behemoth with the fire element, needing lots of food intake in order to survive, it is very likely the behemoths will need to ally with clans in order to receive food and in return protect them as its one of the strongest drakes in the game The Fire Behemoth Drake will be just as hard to mate as the Ice Behemoth Drake but with a twist, instea...")
  • 13:10, 21 June 2022Leviathan (hist | edit) ‎[493 bytes] (talk) (( a page for the leviathan) LD) Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit Visual edit
  • 00:29, 21 June 2022Helping out (hist | edit) ‎[310 bytes] (talk) ((Hope you devs get something useful out of this) LD) Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit Visual edit