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This is the infobox for the game itself


{{Infobox game
|title = 
|image = 
|size = //optional
|developer = 
|publisher = 
|engine = 
|version = 
|platform = 
|releasedate = 
|genre =
|mode = 
|rating = 
|media = 
|requirements = 


Aside from image and size, all parameters can be input as wikitext, including links, line breaks, and sometimes other templates.

Parameter Desciption
title The game's name, displayed on top of the infobox
image The image to be used, without the File: prefix but with the extension. For example, if you wanted to use File:Wiki.png, you'd input Wiki.png
size The image size
developer Developer. You may wish to use Template:Developer for this.
publisher Publisher. You may wish to use Template:Publisher for this.
engine The engine the game runs on
version Most recently released version of the game. If your wiki does patch notes, you may wish to link to those.
platform Platform(s) the game is available on
releasedate When the game released
genre Genre(s) the game is classified as
mode Singeplayer, multiplayer, etc.
rating ESRB / PEGI, etc. ratings
media What media the game is available on (digital, cartridge, cd, etc.)
requirements System requirements


{{Infobox game
|title = {{Gamename}}
|image = Curse hydra.png
|size = 150px
|developer = {{developer}}
|publisher = {{publisher}}
|engine = 
|version = 
|platform = PC
|releasedate = Soon
|genre = RPG
|mode = Single player
|rating = 
|media = 
|requirements = Cutting edge hardware